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Dave is a qualified and fully insured  nutrition and lifestyle coach. His studies have been completed through the Institute of Health Sciences, Ireland.

Dave is a gold medalist at the European Championships of kettlebell lifting 2017 (Latvia) and bronze medalist at the World Championships 2015 (Ireland).

As well as weightlifting, he is also an avid mountaineer, having climbed all the usual Irish mountains. The biggest climbed to date being Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. He hopes to some day conquer Mount Everest.

His physically demanding hobbies have always been supported by good nutrition, which he believes is key to supporting your body through daily life and extreme sports.

Nutrition is something he’s very passionate about and has spent year's studying and working in the field. Dave's aim is to help as many people as he can who struggle with daily life and nutrition.

With the right nutrition and training you can make it to the top of the world.

Dave practice’s his clinic hours from rive fitness in Glanmire Co. Cork where he takes one to one clients and group nutrition classes.



"I was concerned that this course would require implementing extreme changes that would be too difficult to maintain long term.

I also feared it could be a case of information overload.
Covering one topic per week removed the overwhelming feeling and allowed you to focus on making that one change for the coming week.

The group chat was also great for tips, motivation and support.
My protein intake was minimal without me even realising it. I now ensure that I get sufficient protein, which has helped enormously with muscle recovery after strenuous activity. I drink Apple Cider Vinegar twice daily which has improved stomach bloating and cramps, skin, hair and overall wellbeing. I am more mindful of what I eat now in general.
Dave is very supportive and encouraging. The benefits of completing this course far exceeded my expectations.
I Hit my target of losing 8 pounds to."

Aoife O’Leary

"The main reservation i had starting is that i wouldn’t be able to fully understand the material and that i would fail following it.
However everything we have learnt has been expertly explained and so easy to follow. It’s all about making basic and easy small changes that benefit you greatly in the long run.
Dave was able to help me with my reservations by listening firstly to me and helping me see where I was go wrong with my eating habits. If i had any questions they were answered in great detail and he always made sure i understood the material.
My main goal when i started was to lose weight and also to find out where i was going wrong with my foods and to get the motivation i badly needed.
So far I’ve lost 10lbs but more importantly my confidence is coming is back. I now understand what to look for in my foods and how to read food labels which i couldn’t do before, so now it’s as easy as swapping brands for healthier options and putting the unhealthy products back on the shelf.
Thank you so much for everything Dave."

Michelle Collins

"Hi my name is Sinead and i have been attending Dave’s nutritional advice classes for about 5 weeks and what i have learned has been a complete eye opener.
I've learned what food has been good for me and what food is not so good for me. So far i have lost over 2kg.

More importantly i have learned how to feed my body with not only good food but i have also learned how my environment can impact on my day to day living.
I've found Dave to be very knowledgeable and honest. I would recommend Dave to anyone who is serious about changing their lives for the better.

A healthy body can lead to a healthy mind and no one better to start you that track than Dave."

Sinead Flavin

"Before I started with Dave I would have been cautious of any supplements being pushed as I was not into losing or maintaining weight through pills.
I Was probably cautious about the food, what I would be told I could eat. There was no pressure with supplements only advice or recommendations.
Similar with the foods the way Dave presented the sessions it is more for us to think in a different way about foods. My two goals when starting were to maintain my current weigh and learn about “clean eating”. I have lost 2lbs which wasn’t the goal! Feeling really good in myself overall.

Dave’s enthusiasm and passion for nutrition is powerful. He is so willing to share his knowledge and help you in anyway, with any question.
Has helped me make simple but effective changes. I’m now far more conscious about making the better choices with food for life.
(PS Sinead has confessed my choccy orange protein balls are better than Terry’s chocolate oranges 😂 😂)"

Sinead Mulcahy

"My main reservation before going to see Dave was the fact I should know what is right and what's the wrong food to eat at this stage of my life, but the fact of the matter is until i went into Dave's nutrition group I really don't know much about food and the consequences and damage sugar is doing to the body.
The ease in which Dave progresses through the class and breaks everything down makes it so easy to understand along with the fact that Dave puts a lot of information and thought into the handouts that we receive.

For me when I started my main motivation was a better understanding of food and weight loss both of which i am achieving from knowing food better and also so far loosing 7lbs.
I would recommend everyone to do a nutrition course with Dave besides having a crack you will gain so much from it."

Damien waters

" I started the programme at 20st13. I was mostly looking forward to the book of meals. Expectations were 100% surpassed, felt there was a real effort to teach and instil a lifestyle change rather than planning meals for a quick goal. I feel comfortable about continuing my weight loss and maintaining after the group sessions have finished. Other benefits as well as the weight loss I have experienced so far are an increase in energy, sleep, mood etc.

Besides the weight loss, which would have been my primary goal, I also feel I have twice the energy I would have had, no more slumps in the middle of the day or dependence on coffee. I would 100% recommend this course.

At the end of the 8 weeks with Dave I lost 24 pounds.
I’m also down from 8 coffees a day to 2."

Ken O’Mahony


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What to avoid in your supplements 03.03.19 

Did you know that 50% of a tablet is made up of glues, known as binders, to hold the tablet together? For most people this is just an irritating fact, but for people who are hyper allergenic, this can be a real issue. Would you add magnesium stearate, stearic acid, shellac, talc or coloring's to your meal, in the way you’d sprinkle over salt or pepper? what about titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, lubricants, disintegrants, coating agents, sweeteners, colouring agents, flavouring agents? no ? Me either

Supplements work ONLY because of the active ingredients in them. So why are almost all supplements on the market laden with in-active ones? 

Such additives are necessary to make tablets. In the production of tablets, certain additives  – such as binders are used to help the ingredients bind properly when the tablet is compressed

These additives make supplements easier, faster, cheaper and more profitable to manufacture than if you don’t use them, this probably accounts for why almost all of the nutritional supplements on the market contain additives.

Don't let this scare you away you away from using nutritional supplements. There are brands on the market with good quality ingredients..  In-active manufacturing additives run contrary to the beliefs of such brands like Teranova and viridian. 

Terranova’s standards for product integrity and purity is one of many reasons they don’t use them. Teranova feel very strongly that avoiding additives allows the activity of, and synergy between, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, plant enzymes and other beneficial compounds to be experienced in the most profound and intense way - i.e. without additional physiological or biochemical interference

Viridian believe  by making their capsules, liquids and powders as pure and simple as possible, avoiding all the nasties, that they  have shown that it is possible to make a range of nutritional supplements acceptable for the majority of people.

More than 40% of the Viridian Nutrition range is certified organic by the Soil Association, guaranteeing the provenance and eco-friendliness of the ingredients.
All the Viridian fresh organic tinctures and ointments are grown and traditionally made in the UK, reducing the environmental impact of transporting ingredients around the world.

Both brands have :• 100% active ingredients• No nasty additives• Green business practices• Supporting the community• Organics• Non-GM• Non-irradiated plant based products

Diet industry, supplements, failure and you 15.02.19

January 1st, 2019 is well and truly gone. It’s a time of year that many set new year’s goals. Some fitness and many weight loss in nature. This is usually a choice made after the
festive period indulgences when you feel sluggish, bloated, and cranky. You think to yourself this is my year. This is the year I lose the weight and keep it off for good. How many years have we told ourselves this? How many years have you felt like a failure for not making this goal a reality? Well if this sounds familiar (and you are not alone in this feeling) please do read on. It may not be your fault. The diet industry has a lot to answer for and could be to blame.

So, where should we start? The problem is that the diets we often turn to don’t actually work. And, if they do work, they aren’t sustainable. Do you really want to never eat carbs ever again?
Do you really want to spend your days chugging down chalky meal replacement
shakes? Here is some information refutes the diet industry scams we’re all tempted to fall for as we gear up to make this year our thinnest yet.

1) Their products just don’t work (shakes, pills, aloe juices etc)

It seems that the most marketable and even outlandish ideas are what get the most attention when it comes to weight loss—not necessarily the ideas that are really going to work! Just because you would like to lose a stone in two weeks does not mean that this is realistic. However, people sell outrageous ideas like this in various slimming clubs because people want to believe it to be possible.

The healthiest approach to eating is not a matter of opinion.

Our ancestors didn’t live off shakes and pills. They lived off real whole foods. Think about that. Real food. Obesity is on the rise every year and we have so called weight loss products, yet the rates of obesity keep going up. Are meal replacement shakes the answer? I think not

2) The diet industry wants you to fail.

You know who is the most delighted that you want to lose a stone in two weeks even though it isn’t possible? The diet industry. If dieting really worked you’d only need to do it once right? The US Federal Trade Commission suggests that diets have a 98 percent failure rate, which means big money for the diet industry.

If a car was likely to break down with in a year of purchase, would you think about buying it? No, you would tend to look to a more reliable purchase. A company that produced such a car would quickly go out of business. Diets are formed the way they are. To make you fail. This industry does not want to go out of business. The U.S. weight loss market is estimated to be worth $68.2 billion in 2017.

These huge profits are not due to new customers alone, mind you; the diet industry relies on the same customers failing and coming back for more time and time again

Remember that the next time someone is trying to sell you weight loss products

3) Losing weight is not fast.

If you eat less than you usually do, you’re likely to lose weight. If you stop eating all together you should lose a ton of weight fast right? But hold on—this logic isn’t completely sound.

Of course, if you eat barely anything for months or years you will lose a lot of weight, but you also will increase your risk of heart failure, brittle bones, muscle loss and weakness, fainting, dry hair and skin, hair loss, and even death. In fact, this sort of fasting typically results in the diagnosis of an eating disorder, one of the deadliest of all psychological disorders. Hopefully, this information makes the idea of losing weight fast unappealing. If you aren’t convinced yet, think about it like this: You can eat healthy portions of nutritious foods every day and lose weight in a gradual, sustainable manner.
You can be in control of how you feel, stay strong and have the energy to play sport, hit the gym or simply keep up with the kids, dog, friends and family etc. Or, you can try to do it fast, feel very hungry, not necessarily lose weight all that quickly, and jeopardize your health. Easy choice –right?

4) Just because it says it’s healthy doesn’t mean it is.

There is no shortage of foods that claim labels such as “sugar free, low GI, high protein etc. Even sports drinks are often marketed as “healthy” However, no food or beverage in and of itself will make weight loss just happen. Unfortunately, it isn’t actually that simple.
In fact “healthy” foods and drinks are often heavily processed with plenty of added ingredients such as acesulfame potassium and sodium benzoate (which have questionable safety track records). Perhaps just as
worrisome, however, are the psychological effects of eating something that you think is a “healthy food.” People often overeat when they think that a food is a “superfood” or “vegan” even if the food is not actually nutritionally good for you (vegan chocolate cake, anyone?). In fact, it seems that people are more likely to eat more of a food advertised as “healthy,” than they are to eat regular foods!

5) To progress you must commit

One of the essential ingredients in any recipe for healthy weight loss is to make changes to your eating and activity patterns
that you believe you can maintain for the rest of your life.

if you follow a plan that requires you to eliminate something from your diet, say sugar or carbs that you don’t really intend to continue to eliminate from your diet for the rest of your life, then it is predictable that when you add these foods back to your diet you will gain weight. Many diets capitalize on a common misconception about weight loss, that when you lose weight it literally “goes away.” But losing weight is not like losing your phone, which you have little hope of ever finding again. Weight lost can easily return. Unless you keep doing whatever you were doing to lose weight in the first place, you will gain weight back.

Losing weight isn’t just for Christmas or your wedding day. Its for life. If you don’t commit for life you will fail

Find your balance. If you can’t stick to your currant way of eating for life than stop and find a method you can. Life as well as nutrition for me is all about
balance and progression. It’s what I teach to all my client’s. For me a good sign is if my clients no longer need me when they finish a program. I aim to coach
them to a state that they are self-sustainable. Not the best business move for me as I don’t keep their funds coming in every month but it is what’s right for
my client’s. Health before wealth

Vitamin D 28.10.18

As im sure by now, you know how important vitamin d is for you and why you need it but have you ever stopped and thought do yourself, do i get enough of it? Well if you are reading this and you live in Ireland the simple honest answer is no. Deficiency's are very common in Ireland and many studies suggest the rates are pretty high 

This is partly due to Ireland’s northerly latitude, very little UVB light reaches the earth’s surface, resulting in reduced production of vitamin D, especially in winter months. This fact, combined with low dietary intakes is compromising the vitamin D status of all population groups living in Ireland.

Our bodies absorb sunlight using cholesterol, which helps convert sunlight into a form of vitamin D that our body can use.

Vitamin d (also known as the sunshine vitamin) has many important functions in our bodies

No.1 Its vital for bone . Vitamin D is vital for bone health due to its role in calcium regulation, preventing the breakdown of bones and increasing the strength of the skeletal system. Deficiency's  can lead to  rickets in children and  osteopenia and osteoporosis in adults 

No.2 Vitamin D is essential for the normal and healthy functioning of your immune system. Immune cells function optimally When adequate levels of vitamin D are  maintained. Low levels  can put you  at a higher risk of getting sick and/or developing a host of inflammatory conditions

No.3 It Improves Mood. Low levels of vitamin D are linked to these changes in mood or depressive periods  especially during the winter months

While the sun is away  an extra effort needs to be made to get your vitamin d through food. Aim to include foods like  eggs, fatty fish, including sardines, mackerel and salmon, mushrooms and fortified foods.

As most Irish people don't eat enough oily fish or eggs, vitamin d is one nutrient id recommend getting in supplement form till the warmer months come back around.If you do decide to supplement with vitamin d its important not to take a super high level for too long as its one of those nutrients that store in the body. Consult with a health care professional to get the best supplement to suit your need and get your levels checked after a few months

Protein. What is it and how do you get your hands on it 19.10..18

Im sure at some stage of your life you have been advised to eat more protein. Ever wonder why?  Are you sure what protein is and what it does?

Firstly its not just for gainz to be made in the gym. Protein has many other functions. To understand those functions you need to understand what protein is. 

Protein is made of  amino acids. Aminos are  the building blocks necessary for each and every part of your body. Proteins are essential for the normal functioning of the human body, being used to manufacture hormones, immune cells, enzymes, and being a fuel source for the body.
Protein is needed to make up every cell, tissue and organ in the body, from your red and white blood cells to your hair and skin. It is needed for proper growth and healing, cardiovascular function and muscle contraction.
Protein is a crucial macro nutrient for everyone, most especially for pregnant women, growing children and those into sport and those looking to lose weight, therefore it is important to eat a good balanced diet including lots of whole, clean protein containing foods. 

If this sounds like something that would interest you im sure you are thinking i need to go buy some protein powder. Maybe not

The best protein comes from eating whole food, found in both plant and animal sources.Plant-based protein sources include sprouted nuts, seeds including chia and hemp seeds, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, legumes, sprouts, avocado and quinoa.The best sources of animal protein include grass-fed meat, chicken, seafood, organic eggs, and natural or Greek yoghurt. If you can eat a diet balanced in the above you do not need a protein powder.

Protein needs to be eaten with every meal. Most clients i have worked with are very good at getting protein in at dinner and maybe a bit at lunch but their snacks and brekkie are void of protein.

Protein  helps to prolong the feeling of fullness after eating so its a good idea to have it with all your meals. 

Its also possible to go over board on your protein intake. While  yes we need protein to create new cells, repair our bodies, stabilise our blood sugar and give us energy, this doesn’t mean you need to increase your amounts beyond the necessary levels.Excessive intake of protein can cause extra strain on the kidneys and increase acidity levels in the body. The amount of protein needed can differ from person to person.  You must also take into account your age, gender, physical build, physical activity levels and health. Everyone is different so please be aware of this before you start  chugging shakes and eating 5 steaks a day.Its worth checking with a nutritionist to see how much you need for the stage of your life you are at. 

Some important things to note if you decide to increase your protein intake is your  digestive  system. Suddenly upping your protein levels and eating a large quantity of animal protein, dairy or even scoops of protein powder, will likely cause you to have difficulties to break down the protein and absorb the essential amino acids from the food. Increasing it slowly is the best option.

Make sure you chew your food – your stomach ain't got any  teeth therefore you gotta make sure to chew your food until it is basically liquid. This is the  first part of the digestive system, therefore it is essential to get that bit right if you’re struggling from digestive issues which most who increase their protein intake do, its worth taking the time to chew

Snack ideas 

Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a handful of either chia, flax or hemp seeds - Protein packed Greek yogurt, alkalizing berries and nutrition-packed seeds are a perfect combo.

Sliced apple with nut butter – provides energy from the natural sugar in the apple that is balanced with the protein-packed nut butter.If you’re avoiding higher sugar foods, celery sticks with nut butter are also pretty tasty.

Sometimes just a few slices of cold cut meats can do the trick

New beginnings 14.10.18

Those who follow my social media accounts may already know, i have recently changed jobs. I have taken up a position with the health food company Nourish.(previously named the general health food store)

Nourish is an  independently owned Irish family business of health food stores based in Dublin.  They have now  just expanded to cork. As it may be the first time many of you have heard of this company i thought i would share some of its history, its ethos and its passion for all things healthy.  

This is the first store outside of  Dublin and makes it a very exciting time for the company. Nourish has been in existance since 1986 so its a company that has really stood the test of time. Inside the doors of Nourish what you'll find  is a carefully chosen selection of wholefoods, natural and organic skincare, environmentally friendly cleaning products and a wide range of the best supplements and traditional herbal remedies on the market, They don't stock any old product for the sake of it. Every item you find on the shelf's of nourish has been carefully selected to ensure it suits the store. 

Every item of stock is  chosen with health and the environment in mind. If it's grossly over packaged, they don't want it. If it's packed with three kinds of sugar, unnecessary additives or artificial gunk - it doesn't get in their door. Essentially they only keep  good quality products that don't harm the environment.

This time last year nourish changed the health food store game and opened  a concession store within Dunnes Stores’ flagship Cornelscourt Shopping Centre in Dublin. This store is a little bit different in that it is situated inside Dunnes Stores’ supermarket.  Having this  outlet means they can continue their original mission that they started back in the 80s; to provide more people with the best ingredients to live a healthy life. The new store in cork is done to match this set up. We are sitting right in the middle of Dunnes in bishopstown on the bandon road. 

Their goal goal is (and always has been) to provide customers with everything they need to live a healthy, natural lifestyle based on an ethical approach to our planet and everyone and everything that lives on it.

I think you can all see what attracted me to taken up a position with Nourish. They are pro healthy living, healthy food and healthy lifestyle. Perfect fit for me. 

If you have never been to a health food store and want to check one out why not give nourish a look.  Id be glad to show you around and help you out. 

Child hood obesity 02.10.18

Its a pretty well known fact at this stage that Ireland is faced with an obesity crisis. Unfortunately this crisis includes the youth of Ireland.  It was recently announced by the  Fianna Fáil’s Spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs , Anne Rabbitte that database is needed to monitor the problem among Irish youths and that weighing kids in school should become the new normal.  She believes  if the normalisation starts at the early intervention years, it’s just normal and wont cause any upset. I couldn't disagree with her more. I believe no matter what time of a child's life  this being forced on them to collect data will leave long lasting mental and emotional damage. This opinion of hers has seemed to come about  as research was highlighted during the UN General Assembly in New York showing that a 5% reduction in children’s body mass index (BMI) in Ireland would reduce the cost of obesity by almost a quarter.

A paper launched by the World Obesity Federation and the World Health Organisation during the Assembly stated that the total lifetime financial cost of child obesity here could be cut by €1.1 billion from a current estimated total of over €4.5 billion, which is 1.6% of our GDP ( So it seems its very much an economic stand point that is being made. It costs the state money to help treat those who fall into the obese category (even if they do make it back in the sugar tax on fizzy drinks)

Money aside , lets have a think about the damage to a child's state of mind if they are used as tools to collect data (weighed in school)

Children are inundated on a continuous basis with images, messages and posts stating what constitutes a perfect body. The school classroom should be a safe space from anything that taps into that problematic narrative.

The health and well being of the nations youth should be paramount so  finding a solution to curbing childhood obesity is a priority, but to attempt to solve it with a weighing scales and  clipboard for data collecting is a recipe for failure. 

Investment in physical exercise and nutrition are key to long term success. If the government can afford the man power to collect this data they can afford speakers to go to schools to give classes on self - esteem, self worth and motivation. Build up the youths of Ireland rather than tear them down.

Monitoring a child's weight may help in some cases, i don't believe public schools are the place that it should be done.  

Reducing kids to numbers and  statistics is not the answer, especially if you value their mental and emotional health. 

I did a Facebook video on the topic recently and i have been inundated with comments on the video and private messages from mothers who agreed with me on the topic. Mothers who also stated they would not leave the school system do this to their kids. Good parenting that.

Why an organic Diet is a good investment 22.09.18

Most people are aware that organic foods contribute to a healthy and balanced  diet. Its not just for adult's either its a great option  for  growing children too, but making the switch comes with some questions. Will going organic be significantly more expensive? What are the best items on the weekly grocery list to switch to organic versions? Will i spend hours comparing different products while doing my shop?

The long term health benefits of an organic diet far outweigh the short-term costs. Organic foods have been shown to contain higher levels of important vitamins and phytonutrients, including magnesium, iron, vitamin C, and phenols. Each of these nutrients plays a vital role in a child’s development. Increasing magnesium levels in children who are deficient may improve anxiety levels and provide other mood-based benefits. As we live in an age where kids and teenagers feel immense pressure, stress, anxiety and mental health issues it makes sense to support them nutritionally. Free of pesticide residues and artificial colors and flavors, kids and teenagers who are exposed to an organic diet will be less likely to exhibit food sensitivities and negative food reactions as they get older. Eating organic may cost more than their non organic counter parts, but it’s a great way to teach your kids that good health is a lifelong investment well worth making

In saying that buying organic isn't going to brake the bank either so don't worry if you are thinking your weekly shop cost is going to double as it won't.

Some tips to shop  for quality

No.1 Buy when in season. Veggies and fruit are often cheaper when in season. Some even like to freeze the produce they buy when in season to avoid purchasing when the cost goes up for out of season produce 

No.2 Buying  from a local farm or farmers market. It can be a good way to show your kids where their food has come from. You will also get the freshest of goods.

No.3 Shop around and check out local supermarket offers. Aldi, lidi and others do great great deals every now and than. Super 6 offers. They reduce certain produce down in price. Im always on the look out for organic produce here.

No.4 Not everything needs to be organic. Stuff with an outer shell you kind of get away with. Some common offenders of pesticides are strawberries, spinach, nectarines, and apples

no.5 If you have a bit of garden space plant some veggies. You cant get anything more local than that.

Your daily food choices have a long-term impact on our health and happiness. Educating yourselves and teaching your kids to make healthy choices at mealtime will give  them the long-term skills that they need to nourish their bodies and their brains. And with a little prep work, incorporating organic options into your family’s diet can be affordable and rewarding.

Obesity rates and how Ireland fares 19.09.18

Nearly a quarter of Irish people are obese - and 30 percent of young people are overweight according to new survey (

Four out of 10 Irish people are overweight - and 23 percent are obese , according to new figures from the annual Healthy Ireland survey, which looks at 7,500 people age 15 and over.

This survey looks not only at diet but at lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise and more

These are some pretty shocking rates especially among the youth  of Ireland . This survey suggests that nearly a third of young people age 15 to 24 fall into the overweight category.

IT seems Ireland is on a slippery slope as the obesity rates are rising  year on year. SO what happens to your health if you fall into the obese category? Nothing good

Obesity is known to raise the risk of Type 2 ‘lifestyle’ diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, joint and back problems and cancer. So what exactly is causing the rise in obesity? There is no one exact factor but many contributing factors.

Dr Claudia Stein, director of the division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Suggests  drinking levels could be contributing to the level of obesity in England. As Ireland has a high alcohol consumption i think we can take that as a contributing factor here too

Another factor could be comfort eating. “Emotional or ‘comfort’ eating can be a  cause of weight gain  because it doesn’t depend on hunger, comfort eating can often be uncontrolled. We all have something we like to binge on when we are stressed or emotional.

Fad diets are a factor for most. Meal replacement shakes from the likes of herbalife and such look to cut out meals and replace them with shakes that are very low calorie. Low calorie right away you would think this has got to be good but sadly no. Low calorie diets are restrictive with most not being able to stick to them. It usually leads to binge eating and self loathing. 

Lack of exercise  is another key factor. We live in an age that office jobs are everywhere. Most people sit for a very large portion of the. They sit in their cars driving to work,to sit at a desk,  to sit back into the car going home and to sit on the couch for the night. We have to start using the energy we take in from food and get the body moving. 

If Ireland's rates continue to increase we will be left with a population of very unhealthy people who put their quality of  life at risk 

The wrong way to lose weight 16.09.18

As with most things in life there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. When it comes to diet and weight loss it is no different. 

For me the wrong way of losing weight is through supplements and unsustainable diets.

If your weight loss journey is based off of you purchasing shakes, pills and bars then what happens when you can no longer invest in said shakes and pills?

Those who invest in a product rather than knowledge when it comes to weight loss are setting themselves up for failure. 

It creates a very warped view of what a healthy balanced diet should be. Drinking shakes to lose weight is not a healthy diet. The fact you can lose weight with out shakes when you learn how to form a healthy eating plan sort of proves how irrelevant they are.  Another is the fact those who sell weight loss shakes also sell things like aloe cleanses and detox teas. Again these are not needed. These products are sold on the basis that they detox your body. Since we have organs in our bodies that detox for us you don't need to buy expensive pills and juice cleanses to do it. Just drink some water and eat some veggies. Same job

Cutting calories down to the bare minimum  in combination with the above is also a terrible idea. Going too low calorie leads to a drop in energy and mental focus. Low calorie diets also lead to sugar cravings, irritability, mood swings sleep disturbances. 

Skipping on the fad shakes and pills is best thing you could do for yourself. Invest your time and energy into  learning some dietary basics and forming new habits. You will be much better off and plus doing that is free 

Kingksley Hotel health talk 05.09.18

Another health talk under my belt. The weekend just gone i was asked by Orla Diffily and her team to come and give a talk in the kingsley hotel. The Over 40’s Personal Style Masterclass was the event. It had a great line up. 

Orla Diffily, stylist with RTE today giving the low down on personal Styling - for everyday, work and special occasions

Top Irish make up artist Anthony O Sullivan giving the low down on skin care and make up

Personal trainer and model Jennifer O'Driscoll running the group through the benefits to exercise to achieve that feel good factor 

Myself taking the group through all things related to the female hormonal system. 

I had to point out the elephant in the room that was me. What does a 28 year old guy know about female hormones. It was met with a bit of a chuckle and an agreement. Must of looked odd to the group but i was met with so many questions during and a small little que of people afterwards im sure i had attained their trust by the end of presentation.

It was an outstanding event. I had a lot of fun dishing up tips and advice to the group who attended. IT was extremely well run.

As women age the balance of their hormones an go a little out of whack and that's  what i was their to chat about. I took the crowd through oestrogen decline and the effects it has on a womans body with some dietary and lifestyle tips to help combat some of the side effects like fatigue, weight gain and mood swings.

IF you have any issues with your hormones or any of the above bits that the ladies and Anthony spoke about keep an eye out on Orla Diffilys page on face book she is running the event again soon ;)

Sugar tax 21.08.18

So it seems the sugar tax hasn't  had the impact on consumers it was thought to when it was implemented a few months ago .

62% of shoppers in the UK claim to have not changed their  purchasing or consumption  in any way post-sugar tax, and only one fifth are checking sugar content on packages more frequently since the tax has come into effect.
The findings come from a Sugar Tax Shopper survey which compared results from respondents prior to the Levy coming into effect and now.
11% of shoppers claimed they planned to stop drinking sugary soft drinks prior to the tax; this number has fallen to just 1% post-tax. The number of people who said they would continue to buy sugary soft drinks also, surprisingly, grew post-tax,.
Prior to the tax being rolled out, the majority of the UK supported the government-imposed levy, and some even felt it wasn’t strict enough. 54% of respondents supported the tax, and since its implementation, 69% said it should be expanded.
Although the sugar tax hasn’t been as drastic as anticipated, sugar intake is still a major health concern for the majority of English and Irish alike. Sugar continues to be the number one health concern for the fourth consecutive year and initiatives like the Soft Drinks Industry Levy doubtless contribute to furthering awareness. While we haven’t seen any significant changes in consumer habits, we have seen manufacturers adapt accordingly and some soft drinks now actually fall below the sugar tax threshold.

Is the sugar tax the answer? I don't believe so. If 62% of shoppers in the uk have not changed  their consumption in light of the tax than money is not the answer. I feel education is. The only way to deter people from consuming excess sugar is to educate what can happen to those who gorge on it on a daily basis. Sugar when consumed excessively can be laid down as body fat. How does one get rid of the sugar cravingsthat cause us to gorge? Balance your blood sugar levels.... 

Radio chat with Neil Prendeville 19.08.18 From 1.10 onwards

It came out recently that an Irish celeb had been using sauna suits to lose weight. The first thing that came to mind when i heard? Does anyone go about trying to lose weight in a safe sustainable manner any more. Why  have people become so obsessed with fads and gimmicks.  Do we believe that fad diets will work or are we convinced to do so by those who may gain finances from it? Ever wonder why some people really push meal replacements and diet pills? They don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts. 

Anyway i did a little facebook post about the sauna suits which was spotted by Neil Prendeville and his team at red fm and i was invited on air. 

Neil was interested in my opinion and together we discussed the diet industry, quick fixs and the effectiveness of low carb diets. We spoke about a news article that came out too about the keto diet and how it many reduce your life span. I think we both agreed that fads and gimmicks are rampant with some being dangerous. The problem being is there are many vulnerable people out there who struggle with weight issues who are willing to try anything to see success and some may end up hurting themselves in the long run. Finding the balance with your nutrition and lifestyle is the safest long term option and so many struggle to find it. How much protein carbs and fats do you need? How often can you get a take away and a few beers without gaining weight? How much exercise do you need to do? When is too much exercise too much? Many can't find that sweet spot that allows you to see results but also live your life. Balance is what i focus most on with my clients. When balance is found your journey will be far more enjoyable. 

If you struggle with weight loss drop me a line. Id be happy to help you out. 

Eggs and why you shouldn't fear them 15.08.18

Eggs have made a major comeback. Once considered a nutritional no-no, eggs have now risen back into the ranks of the everyday staple.. Turns out, their bad reputation was something of a misunderstanding. There’s actually a whole lot in that little hard shell that's stellar for health. So if you’ve been avoiding eggs, here are five reasons to bring them back: 

No.1 They’re one of the cheapest protein sources around.

Yes, even if you buy organic eggs. A half dozen organic eggs in most supermarkets are less than 2 euro and delivers six grams of high-quality protein per egg—which means it has all the amino acids you have to get from food, in the same way that meat does. Protein is also thought to be the most “satiating” (satisfying) of all nutrients. Just dont toss the yoke like most do. The yolk of an egg is like nature's multivitamin.

No.2 They curb mid-morning cravings.

Eggs for breakfast can delay hunger longer than a grain based breakfast like cereal, toast, bagels etc. They help to lower the hunger hormones and regulate appetite for the day ahead

No.3 They’re not the artery-clogging villains you might think they are.

For years, eggs got the short end of the stick and were accused of crimes they didn’t commit—namely, raising your cholesterol and upping the risk for heart disease. It’s now understood that cholesterol from foods like eggs and shellfish is not the danger it was thought to be. In fact, the newest version of the Dietary Guidelines  removed the recommendation to limit dietary cholesterol to 300mg a day. So what does cause artery clogging? Not eggs so i wont go into it now but i will come back with another non egg related blog post soon to talk you through what does

No.4 They protect your eyes.

Eggs are rich in  something called lutein, a yellow pigment that’s concentrated in the retina of the eye. Lutein helps protect eyes from macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of vision loss. It also guards against damage of everyday “blue light” that’s emitted from smartphones, tablets, and computers. Though research on blue light is still slim, some worry that it may contribute to cancer risk, obesity, and eye disease. The egg’s lutein is found in the yolk– another reason to eat the whole thing, not just the white.... DON'T FEAR THE YOKE

No.5 They help you hold onto muscle mass #gainz

We start losing muscle as we age.  Muscle loss can make you feel weak, slash your stamina, and eventually up your risk of debilitating falls when you’re older. Exercise, particularly strength training, will help you preserve some of that muscle, but getting enough protein is key too. Eggs contain high-quality protein that repairs muscles after exercise and helps rebuilds them. Better yet don't wait till you are older. start to train now and eat protein like eggs regularly to build a solid strong body to live in.

Keto Diet 10.08.18

That high fat lifestyle. What is it, what's involved and is it just another diet.

I get asked a lot about the keto diet (ketogenic diet) as its getting a lot of attention lately from the media, Instagramers, bloggers and  personal trainers.

For starters a ketogenic diet involves eating a lot of dietary fat, with very restrictive carbohydrate intake and a very moderate protein intake.

The keto diet fly's in the face of all those who say you need to stop eating fat to lose weight. 

When you fuel your body from carbohydrates you are essentially fueling through glucose. When you remove the carbohydrates as a fuel source and replace with fats you are getting your body to run off of a different fuel source called ketones. Your body wont do this immediately. There is an adjustment period dubbed the keto flu. 

The keto diet promises weight loss, increased energy, metal clarity and many other health benefits.

So is it the answer to the obesity epidemic the world is faced with? 

The problem with diets is that while they may give short term success, in almost every instance the dieter ends up regaining the weight originally lost and some even end up adding to the original weight.

Is the keto diet any different from every other diet out there? Yes and no but it is but it depends on how you use it.

There are plenty mistakes people make when they follow a keto diet. Most don't go low enough with their carbohydrate intake so they ever reach ketosis. If they don't their energy will be low and the weight loss side of things never really come. This will more than likely result in the individual giving up and ending up back at square one so in this scenario it really is no different.

The second common mistake i see is that when people try to increase their fat they just eat their body weight in bacon. While bacon is totally fine when eaten in moderation you don't want to go over board as it can be filled with nitrates. When following a high fat diet there are many other types of fats the body needs. Our bodys need omega 3 fats (EPA , DHA & ALA) like oily fish , nuts and seeds. Coconut oil (MCTs) are a good one to help with energy while following a keto diet. Oh and you get to have tons of guacamole. If you don't take in good quality fats while following a keto  diet you are setting yourself up for low energy. This can result in those following it, giving up  so make sure to keep the good quality ones going in.

Those who embark on a keto diet lose weight and for the most part end up eating a lot more calories. Does this mean its a solution to the obesity epidemic? I don't believe it is

Imagine this. If i had a big red button and i told you that you could not push it. All you would want to do is push it am i right ?

Keto is a little like that. If you are told that you can not have carbohydrates any longer chances are all you will ever want from here on in is carbs. What happens normally when you crave a food?  You eat it and you probably overindulge.  It lacks a certain balance.  It can be beneficial in the short term for sure but unless you do it right and with support the long term success of it can  leave a lot to be questioned.

If you wish to take on the keto way of life i suggest getting someone hwo can support you to keep you on the road to success. Its also worth noting that the human body evolved to run off of ketones for many months of the year but equally it evolved to run off of glucose all depending on what food nature provided so im more of a fan of finding the balance between these 2 macro nutrients. Your body likes carbs and it likes fat why only give it one of those nutrients? Keto diet may also leave the body short of many other nutrients like fiber (bowl movements) phytonutrients (nutreints found in plants that may enhance immunity) and antioxidants (heart health compounds)

Healthy eating myths you may be falling for 08.08.18

Healthy eating is really in at the moment, and as a result, everyone is trying to get in on the act.

The problem with that is there are now an overwhelming number of  ways to approach it. There are too many dietary protocols to count with a list as long as my arm of  healthy eating rules that pretty convincing people (celebrities, bloggers, health coaches and supplement distributers) swear by. But have you ever looked into how valid these rules are? Do you research what others tell you to do or do you just follow no questions asked?

Below are a few i hear often enough

No.1 I'm giving up sugar.

This one i can get on board with. Sugar is the villain of the moment, and with good reason. When eaten to excess, it gets put down as fat .Research has linked sugar consumption with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It rots your teeth and makes you sluggish. As with all things in life there are those who will find fault  in things and here is the problem for those who go sugar free. Not only do they cut out all added sugar which is a good thing but they stop eating fresh fruit and veggies. Granted its those who take this to the extreme that cut these foods but beyond the sugar these foods give your body vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. When cutting sugar out be smart about it and leave room for these foods

No.2 Cutting out carbohydrates to lose weight

While cutting carbs may lead to weight loss, there are two main problems with this approach.
One: the brain’s primary source of fuel is glucose (comes from carbs) Cut out all carbs and you won’t be as mentally sharp or energized as normal.  While your brain will eventually switch over to using ketones if you stay carb free for long enough (go ketogenic), the majority of people don’t. We cut out all carbs, crave them within a few days, cave in and have a massive carb feast, and then repeat the cycle again. Sound familiar?  The end result is no weight loss, and often more weight gain in the long term.

The second problem is that those who do, don't increase protein and fat intake to justify the cutting of carbs. You need a fuel and if you don't take one in chances are it would be sustainable long term

No.3 You need supplements to lose weight.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Be careful whos advice you take on board for this.  Weight loss is achievable through dietary changes along side lifestyle changes. Most supplements have little to no effect on your weight. You will be made feel like they do by those who sell such supplements. In my experience with clients dietary changes are they way to go.

No.4 You need to refuel after every session with shakes 

This is true if you exercise like an athlete but for the average gym goer (myself included as i no longer compete competitively) its not needed. Making sure you take in enough protein through out the day every day is far more important than just having a post gym shake Aim to have protein rich foods every time you eat and you will be fine. Protein helps to balance blood sugar levels so it will go along way in helping you reduce body weight 

How to eat healthy when you hate healthy food 01.08.18
We all know at least one person who has reformed to eat healthier food.  That smug friend who  seemed to effortlessly switched from eating take outs every single day, to living off kale and quinoa.

Talk to them and you’ll discover that they love the healthy foods they used to hate, and they will tell you to  believe them  that you too can enjoy eating healthily if you stick with it long enough to let your taste buds adjust.
You may choose to try eating natural wholefoods for weeks or even months and still find that you  hate every single mouthful of carrots, peas, broccoli and cabbage so  you may be starting to lose hope.
Don’t throw in the towel just yet, because believe it or not, it really is possible to turn healthy eating from a miserable experience to a pleasurable one.

Here’s how:


Stop eating the healthy food you don't like. If its a chore to eat it chances are you won't stick to it long term. Do some research and find alternatives that you do like. For example, if your finding that swapping out bread rolls with rice at lunch and the rice just isn't cutting it,  try a different carbohydrate source. You could look at sweet potato, quinoa, millet, oats or dare i say a salad?Find what works for you.

Hate banana's but enjoy berries? why continue to eat the bananas than? Eating healthy has to be easy or you just won't do it. Find some healthy foods you do like and stick with them and enjoy what you eat.


Don't just read recipes, engage with them and really make the meal your own. A mistake most people who say they ‘hate how healthy food tastes’ make is they don;t engage with the cooking experience nor do they get adventurous. It's Impossible to live on boiled chicken, and spinach leaves without losing your mind. Food should be enjoyed or again you won't stick to eating healthy long term. Id suggest stopping off in the herb isle next time you do a shop and buy a few different jars of stuff and go experiment.


Don't change to much at once. It's a common mistake i see with clients. They try to change it all in a day. If you really feel like you can go from take away dinner's a few times a week, chocolate and other junk to fresh wholefoods, fresh meat and home cooked meals than go for it but for the rest of us mare mortals we need to take out time with it. Id suggest to take it slow. Take one thing you want to stop doing and do that for a few days. Phase a healthy alternative in to replace. Wait till that is a habit and go again. Keep repeating till you are at the best version of yourself you can be

Supplements and false claims 29.07.18

I’m willing to bet at some stage, some of you readying this may have  come across a health-optimising product range that claims it will help you achieve your healthiest body inside and out if you’re too busy to just eat some fruit and veg? A product i've been asked a lot about recently is juice plus. This company makes food supplement  that contain the concentrated juice extract of  fruits and vegetables . I know what your thinking, a supplement that has fruits and veggies in a capsule sounds great so what’s my problem with these super convenient meal replacements and supplements? Well my issue is the purchase. 

I've been working with clients for awhile now and i have noticed  a trend. People who have been coming to me have previously been taking these products or other brands just like it to get in shape.

People who have been sinking  money into these things or being pressured to do so by being made to feel like they’re depriving themselves of true health by not joining the movement of supplementation.

This is my issue. You do not need supplements to lose weight. You never have and you probably never will. This goes for all brands of supplements. 

There are many company's out there that  claim to cram every last drop of goodness your body needs into a sachet or capsule. They are simply using an age old sales tactic.

They create a problem that doesn’t exist, scare you into thinking the non-problem is in fact the cause of your less-than-perfect health and weight gain, and then they offer you an expensive solution to the non-existent problem. sound familiar?

Juice plus has the slogan “The next best thing to fruit and vegetables” well why not just eat fruit and vegetables instead? is your lifestyle really so busy that its inconvenient to toss some veggies in with your lunch and dinner?   snack on some fresh berry's in yogurt? When you think about it eating enough fruits and veggies is not hard at all, and as we all know REAL FOOD IS THE BEST OPTION

Now to some claims. check out this link. Some of these studies actually conclude that the supplements make no significant difference to your physical health.

It found that while supplementing with Juice Plus may help reduce the number of molecules that indicate cell damage in your body, the supplement makes no difference to actual muscle function or protection against muscle damage. 

Or what about this It simply found that taking Juice Plus doesn’t shorten the length of a common cold. So much for all that extra nutrition eh.

Scientific claims are not always what they seem. Company's will twist results to make a product seem more needed than it really is.

The bottom line is that while supplementing with the likes of Juice Plus certainly won’t harm you, doing so is completely unnecessary as long as you eat fruits and veggies.

Improving your relationship with food will automatically improve your weight loss. Cheaper on the pocket too

Magic Pill (magic meaning imaginary) 25.07.18

There is no magic pill that will make you lose weight without making changes to your diet and lifestyle. I think deep down we all know that yet so many buy into weight-loss pills, shakes, cleanses etc. Why is that??? We have all been there i'm sure and i still get people calling me up saying they heard xyz is great is it worth trying?  I believe its to do with a few things, one being  human nature. When we want something we want it yesterday. We don't like to wait around. When it comes to weight loss i'm sorry to say it doesn't work like that.  It takes patience, commitment, persistence and time. 

The second  i feel is becoming the main culprit of the magic pillers (those who look for the magic pill) is in large due to those who publish online they they can guarantee you weight loss by buying there product. I seen recently someone just posting that they wanted those who are serious about losing belly fat to hit them up. My curiosity got the better of me (i usually ignore those types of posts as they are usually BS) so i went and checked it out. Turns out to my surprise (insert sarcasm here) that they attempt to do this in an unsustainable manner using shakes and pills. Now here is the thing. Well a few things really. No.1 on inspection no named qualifications listed which leads me to believe the individual is lacking in that department. No.2  Those who do this usually attempt to build up trust. They want to make you feel like you can trust them so when they hit you with the magic pill sales pitch that you wont side with caution  like you may have done previous. You will stop and think. You will think to yourself this person is trying to help me so any previous reservations you may of had about the magic pill fix go out the window and you go with it because you feel like this person has your best interest at heart when all they are really doing is making a sale from you. Sound familiar?

No.3 they further add to the yoyo diet.The nutrition and fitness industry is a bit unregulated in a way. Picture this, i open my door tomorrow and pretend to play doctor and take clients. As i don't have the knowledge, expertise or qualification to do so i'm sure you can imagine it wouldn't take long for the authorizes to shut that down. Yet there are those who play nutritionist with out any nutritional qualification. As they don't study nutrition and fail to understand how it affects the human body they dish out low cal diets that people can't stick to. This causes a yoyo effect. You go up and down and bounce from protocol to protocol  depending on what blog the impostor nutritionist is reading that day.

All that being said, here is what i believe you should look for when someone is pushing you a magic pill. What study's do they have to back it up. If they cant produce than there is a reason for that. It probably doesn't do what they claim. What qualifications does this person have? There is a reason you can study nutrition to degree level. If they cant produce any maybe the situation is best left. I could go on and on about this but i will leave it at that. If you are ever approached and feel like opting for a magic pill, do yourself a favour take a step back and have a think about the situation. If you are ever unsure drop me a call (free of charge of course) and i can help you decide if its the right move. I have studied nutrition for many years which i use to back up any claims and opinions i have about nutrition. I run a nutrition practice with one to one consults, group nutrition programs and nutrition talks. I don't add this as a sales pitch more to paint a picture of what i do. I have studied with the IHS for many years to attain the qualifications i now have and its one of my goals to bring correct knowledge to the forefront of peoples minds. I offer and will always continue to do so my time. Time i feel can change the mindsets of those who are about to buy into another quick fix that will have them back at square one with in weeks. My time i offer to you free. If i can help you change your mindset on these topics, for me that is worth it. 085220083

The perfect diet 22.07.17

Iv been asked a lot recently about the perfect diet. I'm not sure there is one. Diets are very subjective. There are so many different approach's people take

Keto, paleo, gluten free, veggie, low carb, low fat, high protein to name a few

Some go down the route of replacing meals with shakes and surprisingly some do it with juices (why someone would replace food with juice is beyond me)

On top of that, there are many slimming clubs that can be found easy enough promoting a certain way of eating (usually ran by those with no nutritional qualification)

Then you have those who rep for companies selling diet supplements claiming that they will solve all your problems with a pill, shake, tea or whatever there selling (again usually sold by those who don't have any nutritional qualification)

There is so much confusion out there. What should you do. Should you go low carb? Should you try having 1 or 2 shakes a day to cut out some food? Should you be fasting? bla bla bla

I'm sure you can all agree being asked the question whats the perfect diet does not have an easy answer.

If your stuck and not sure what to do ask yourself 

Can i do this for ever? If the answer is no its best left and find an approach that you can

Do i want to be spending lots of money on expensive weight-loss supplements that arnt sustainable?

DO i want to be taking my nutrition advice from someone not qualified? you wouldn't take medical advice from anyone but your doctor would you? 

It doesn't have to be confusing. Your diet shouldn't hinder your lifestyle. It should be to fuel it.

Don't over think it, Just find a way of eating you know you can stick at and do it. You don't need anything but your own determination and willingness to change

Olympus 15.07.18

Hey gang I'm fresh off my climb from mount Olympus. All i can say is WOW.

This was an amazing climb and holiday. I went with a few fellow climbers. We flew from Dublin airport to Athens. From there to Thessaloniki, rented a car and drove off. Our flight came in rather late so we stayed in the four seasons hotel that was very close to the airport. It has everything you need and it was fairly cheap. The chap on the desk even let us use the pool even though we didn't check in until 11 at night. It was awesome.

The next day we drove for about an hour and a half to a lovely little town called Litochoro. Its walking distance to the base of the mountain, We stayed in an amazing hotel that had the nicest staff members ever. It was called Hotel Arhontiko Aphrodite. Id highly recommend staying here if you make the trip. Really clean, modern, great air-con, cheap and each room had an espresso machine. After so much travel it was greatly appreciated.
We chilled out here for the day and hit the hay early to make a start into our climb. We decided to hike through the valley of Olympus along the E4 trail (E4 will haunt me for the rest of my life.... we got lost on it) to get to Prionia. The locals advised against this as its possible to drive to Prionia and leave a car there. it shortens the climb by about 1000m. We didn't fancy that as it felt a little like cheating but in hindsight it was the better option. The hike from Litochoro to Prionia should of taking about 4 and a half hours. We took one wrong turn and ended up going in the complete wrong direction for about 2 and a half hours before we realised it. We turned a 4 and a half hour hike into a near 9 hour trek. We got back on track eventually and we were saved by a dog. Random enough one appeared and we decided to follow it. It took us to an exit and on to a main road. we followed him and he eventually got us to Prionia. To give you some context it had been lashing out of the heavens for hours at this stage. We were wet, hungry and lost and a bit worried we may of had to spend the night in the valley of Olympus so following the dog seemed like a good idea. He must of been sent by Zeus to protect us :P
At Prionia there is a tavern. Upon spotting this we knew we were going to be ok. We went in soaked to the skin and had some grub and got the owner to call us a cab to bring us back to Litochoro. The god dog had disappeared. The following day we drove to Prionia and left the car and started our hike again, We made it to Refuge A that evening. We stayed there that night. The lady who runs it is Maria. She was great. Fed and watered us and set us up in a semi private room. The next morning she set us out on the track we needed to take to reach the summit. Iv climbed many mountains but none have views that compare to Olympus. We got to look down over Greece which was out of this world. We hung around up top for a bit to take in what we had achieved. There is a little book up top that you can sign. I even made an offering to the gods. My snood that i took with me up Kilimanjaro. Seems like a cool idea. Now a piece of me that's been up Kili is now forever up
All in all it was a crazy cool trip. I only wish i got the chance to talk to the dog that saved us and say "whos a good boy"
I'm going to make a video soon talking you through the ins and outs. If you ever thought about doing this climb keep an eye out

Supplements and your weight loss journey. 29.06.17

First off i'm not against  supplements. I take them myself. I take fish oil everyday (i'm not to gone on the taste of fish so its to make sure i get my omegas in) i take a multivit (i work out as often as i can so its a good way to make sure my body has the nutrients it needs to functional optimally) and i take magnesium (it helps me sleep and its great for muscle health). None of these will help me lose weight really!

I get asked a lot about weight loss supplements and which are the best ones to go for. My answer is and and i'm sure it will always be, None

No supplement can make up for a lack of healthy eating. Deep down i think we all know that but its human nature i feel to look for an easy route to our goals

Combined with the above i also get asked a lot whats the best diet. Iv had years of looking at different types and i can tell you there is no one perfect way to eat. Im an advocate of finding a way of eating that you can sustain for the rest of your life. If you can't, scrape it and find one you can

I get messages everyday from people asking should they juice cleanse for a week? Why would you do that is my go to response to which most dont have an answer. I was told by a ladie recently that she heard food is hard on our digestive systems and giving it a brake for a week is good and you lose weight. This could not be further from the truth. First off you will be miserable for the week if you do it, you are cutting protein and fats from your diet (building blocks of muscle and the stuff that looks after your hormones) secondly our digestive systems are more than capable of digesting food. That is its job after all.  The next time someone says something like that to you i challenge you to ask them to explain their statement and the science behind it. I bet they won't be able to.

If someone is giving you dietary advice on the basis of trying to also sell a meal you a shake , juice cleanse and pills, or any other variant  just take a step back and really think to yourself, Is this sustainable? Can i do this forever? If the answer is no they are best left.

Remember humans have lived on this planet for a very long time and we have done so eating good food and exercising. Ask your grandparents what juice cleanse or meal replacement shake they had growing up! I'm sure they will look at you like you have 2 heads.

Diets are not just for 4 weeks or until you can get into those jeans that haven't fitted for a year. A diet is a word i don't even like to use but for the sake of this post, it needs to be something that's used to fuel your body, to give you energy  and something you can follow for years and years 

Are you starting your weight loss journey the right way? 27.06.18

Starting out on a weight loss journey is a bit like warming up before you exercise. You not only need to know what to do, but how to actually get motivated and do it. I often here from clients and friends that they want to get healthy and make a change but after a week that idea is gone out the window. It got me thinking why do so many fail and fall off track? I think its to do with the approach.

I'm going to share a few tips i find useful and help keep me on track. Hopefully you will experience the same

1. Remove all temptations from the house. If you hold on to junk food its for one reason only and that's to eat it. Chances are when your trying to be healthy you wont just eat a little. It will most likely end  in a binge that will have you kicking yourself

2. Set some realistic targets for yourself. You have to believe you can achieve what you set out or it may stop you from ever trying . My dad once said to me when it comes to weight, it goes on easy but getting it back off is the hard part. Depending on the person and their level of commitment it can be a slow burning but worth sticking too

3.Plan your week according to your goals. Depending on your targets it may require meal prep, exercise, relaxation etc. Make sure and factor in what ever it will take. YOU ARE WORTH IT

4. Go carb free at brekkie. Lets face it we all tend to over eat carbs and neglect the other macros. Try eggs and  meat at brekkie. Any variation will do  

5. If you struggle with this, get a nutritional adviser or coach to help. Doing this doesn't make you a failure.  We all need help from time to time and seeking help with your goals is far better than never chasing them in the first place

Obesity and weight gain 19.06.18

Obesity refers to an excess of body fat . Did you know In 2009 almost a quarter of adults in England were classified as obese. Obesity can have some terrible complications  on one’s health, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, some cancers, heart  and liver disease. Other symptoms include

breathlessness, difficulty sleeping,sleep apnoea, lethargy, and musculoskeletal pain.
This list is bar no means complete but i think you get the idea. Being in the obese category is not good for your health. You don't need to worry though as with some attention and lifestyle changes this can be sorted. Here are some simple steps you can take that wont take much to implement. Drink more water, eat protein with every meal, Eat plenty of veggies for nutrients, work some good fats into the diet, rest and try to get 7/8 hours sleep. These are things you already do. Everyone eats so why not eat the good food. Everyone drinks fluids so why not swap the fizzy drinks for a glass of water. You already sleep so why not hit the hay an hour or 2 early to get a good sleep rather than a poor night of it. Do the above everyday and your on for a win.

Hayfever 15.06.18

Hayfever season  is in full swing for most. Do you suffer with allergic reactions or have other allergy-linked problems such as eczema, asthma, dermatitis, itchy eyes, chronic nasal congestion or catarrh? 

These symptoms suck, but the good news is there are a number of things that can reduce your allergic potential which you can either eat or supplement. Did you know it’s also possible to reduce your allergic potential so you’re less likely to have these symptoms in the first place, reduce their severity if you do have them and can also help when you have an ‘attack’.

Avoid mucus-forming, pro-inflammatory foods such as dairy and meat (i know going without steak sounds like a nightmare)

You can further reduce your allergic potential by avoiding highly allergenic foods such as wheat, gluten (wheat, rye and barley) and yeast.

Up you  fresh fruits and vegetable game. Have at least 3 servings of fruit, a large mixed salad and 3 portions of vegetables daily. If you can, choose organic produce (less pesticide residue which itself is an allergen)

Hit the  local stuff if you can  because there will be less depletion of antioxidant nutrients.  Eat plenty of these foods raw.

Get some fats into ya. Focus on oily fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines and trout. They give your cells the omega 3 fats it needs to function optimally, 

Eat pineapple, its a great anti-inflammatory and has anti-swelling properties

Get some bacteria into ya. As a large chunk of your immune system originates from your gut health, its a good idea to top up on your beneficial bacteria to help overcome your allergens. Include fermented foods or failing that consider a pro-biotic  

IF you get hit really bad with allergens then consider a natural antihistamine.  If you need help choosing one to suit your needs hit me up id be glad to help out

Hydration 13.06.18

So its come to the time of year when its hot and if your from Ireland we recently just came out of a 4 year long winter :P

Iv been asked recently about hydration, training and how to stay fueled for a workout. 

Its a bit of a funny topic and depending on who you ask you will get different opinions. From what i can see there is a split between using water to hydrate and using a sports supplement.

In my opinion its best to fuel trough food and water. Unless you are doing ultra crazy training sessions that have you sweating like a running garden hose, the sports supplements are unnecessary. Too many people these days are to quick to purchase a supplement to look after a certain issue that can be solved through a dietary change. I know the word change can frighten some but it can be easy. For me i fuel my sessions with water and carbohydrates. For the most part il train 3/4 times a week focusing on heavy compound lifts to get the biggest bang for my buck (i dont have alot of time i can allocate to training currently as life is busy)

For this food and water is the best way to go hands down. Those who may be reading this, give it a go the next time you are training. Drink a good 2 litres of water that day and have some carbohydrates a little while out from training. Fueling yourself right does make all the differen


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